Activity Bus Schedule

For 2019-20 we are very happy to be able to continue to have three activity buses at Timbercrest. All bus numbers are new and the routes for buses 1 and 2 have changed a fair amount, so please check out the maps below and find the best stop for you or your student!

Note: Bus T-32 has changed to the new number of 145. There is no change to the route.

  • Activity buses are available for students participating in sports or after school activities/clubs only.
  • Activity buses are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and will leave Timbercrest at about 4:50 pm.
  • Only three activity buses cover the entire Timbercrest service area (normally covered by 13 afternoon buses). They are longer routes with centrally located stops. Students are expected to walk home from the stop or be met by a parent.
  • Students must obtain an activity bus pass each day they ride from the teacher/supervisor/coach of the after school activity. The pass must be filled out completely, including the bus stop location and handed to the driver prior to departure.
  • Parents are encouraged to review the maps and stops for each bus and work with your student to decide which bus to board and stop to get off at.
    • It is very helpful for your student to know their address when attempting to determine the best bus and stop at school.
  • Please note the school office closes at 4 pm so plan to have your child ride an activity bus or plan to pick them up after practice/activities. (Please pick up students by 5 pm.)

TMS #1         Bus 145

#1               STARTING POINT: TMS

#2              223rd AVE NE @ NE 157th ST
                   (EAST RIDGE)

#3              MINK RD NE @ 203rd PL NE
                   (BEAR CREEK HIGHLANDS)

#4              NE 128th ST @ 179th AVE NE
                   (OLDE MORRISON PLACE)

#5              NE 128th ST @ 172nd AVE NE
                   (SUNRISE AREA)

#6              WOODINVILLE-REDMOND RD @ 156th AVE NE

#7              148th AVE NE @ NE 147th PL
                   (HOLLYWOOD HIGHLANDS)


TMS Activity Bus #1 Map


TMS #2        Bus 151

#1               STARTING POINT: TMS


#3              NE 146th WAY @ 186th PL NE
                   (BROOK TRAILS)

#4              NE 156th ST @ 183rd AVE NE

#5              NE 160th PL @ 177th PL NE

#6              164th AVE NE @ NE 169th PL
                   (CANTERWOOD ESTATES)

#7              158th AVE NE @ NE 160th ST

#8              168th AVE NE @ NE 159th PL

#9              168th AVE NE @ NE 143rd ST

#10            160th PL NE @ NE 144th PL
                   (THE FARM)

TMS Activity Bus #2 Map


TMS #3        Bus 150

#1               STARTING POINT: TMS

#2              23032 NE OLD WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD

#3              NE OLD WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD @ 236th AVE NE

#4              NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALLL RD @ 236th PL NE

#5              NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD @ 226th AVE NE
                   (TUCK LAKE)

#6              NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD @ 198th AVE NE
                   (WOODIN CROSS LUTHERN CHURCH)

#7              NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD @ 185th AVE NE
                   (BLUEBERRY FARM)

#8              NE WOODINVILLE-DUVALL RD @ 182th AVE NE
                   (BRIDLE TRAILS)

#9              NE 175th ST @ 159th AVE NE     

#10            14200 NE 171st ST

TMS Activity Bus #3 Map