Track and Field

Image of the Timbercrest track lanes taken from a low height.
Image of relay batons and orange shot put shot on the TMS track.

This is a Season 4 sport, so it will not begin until late March 2020.

Even though this seems like a long way off, it is never too early to get prepared and the best way to do this now is to make sure that you have a physical on file with the office that is valid until at least June 2020. By getting this important step out of the way you will ensure that you do not miss any practices.

As the season approaches check back in March 2020 for more information and the date of the first practice. See you then!


Head Coaches:
TBD - Coach information will be posted as soon as it is determined

Coaches Notes

Although this season will not begin until the spring it is never too early to get your physical and Final Forms registration completed!

Meet Schedule - TBD

There are no events to display

This season will not start until late March 2019, but there are always sports going on at Timbercrest.

Please visit the general schedules page to learn more!


One of the great things about this sport is that there are a multitude of events for students to participate in:

Track Relays     Field    
100 Meter Dash 4 x 100 Meter     Long Jump    
200 Meter Run 4 x 400 Meter     Triple Jump    
400 Meter Run       High Jump    
800 Meter Run       Shot Put    
1600 Meter Run    
100 Meter Hurdles    

Work with the coaches and your teammates to find the perfect event or events for you!

Season Flow

Fun Links

Take a gander at some of these links to learn about events and stars of the sport:

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Jesse Owens website
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