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This is a Season 3 sport, so it will not begin until late January 2020.

Even though this seems like a long way off, it is never too early to get prepared and the best way to do this now is to make sure that you have a physical on file with the office that is valid until at least the end of March 2020. By getting this important step out of the way you will ensure that you do not miss any practices.

The first practice is now scheduled for January 21st, which is a Tuesday!


Coaches Notes

Although this season will not begin until the winter it is never too early to get your physical and Final Forms registration completed!

Please be sure to get registered and have all forms completed by January 21st!

Note: The 3/10 meet is now at Northshore.
The 3/13 meet is now at Timbercrest.

Meet Schedule

There are no events to display

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Season Flow

Fun Links

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While we all know this is fake, there is something to be said for the popularity of the WWE, which used to be known as the Worldwide Wrestling Federation.