7th and 8th Grade Girls Tennis

Close up of the net and center line on a tennis course.
Image of the tennis courts at TMS with trees visible in the background.

This is a Season 4 sport, so it usually runs from late March to late May.


Head Coach:


Coaches Notes

Although this season will not begin until the spring it is never too early to get your physical and Final Forms registration completed!

This season will not start until late March 2019, but there are always sports going on at Timbercrest.

Please visit the general schedules page to learn more!

Season Flow

Fun Links

Take a gander at some of these links to learn about events and stars of the sport:

Wimbledon website
Official web site of the ultimate tennis tournament.

International Tennis Federation website
Website of ITF, which is the highest governing body of tennis around the world.

ITF Rules of Tennis (PDF in English, French, and Spanish)
BBC Rules of Tennis
Check out the rules of tennis from the ITF and the BBC!