Meet the Team

Welcome to TMS Counseling! Students are assigned to a counselor grade level. Need to make an appointment with your counselor? Call or email your assigned counselor using the information below.


Ann McGowan

8th Grade Counselor (23-24)

6th Grade Counselor (24-25)


Michael Rhyne

7th Grade Counselor (23-24)

8th Grade Counselor (24-25)


Dierdre Flaherty

6th Grade Counselor (23-24)

7th Grade Counselor (24-25)


Students can see their counselors for a variety of social, emotional and academic issues such as:

  • Questions about your schedule or transcript
  • Friendship issue
  • Harassment/Bully issues
  • Help with grades or teachers
  • Help communicating family problems to teachers
  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Help dealing with stress
Sign saying %22Confidentiality What you say in here, stays in here!%22
Sign saying %22Exceptions:%22 with reasons things might not be kept confidential.
Cartoon of a tree with reasons to see a counselor in the branches.