Meet the Team

Students are assigned to a counselor grade level. Need to make an appointment with your counselor? Call or email your assigned counselor using the information below.

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Image of staff member Ann McGowan

Ann McGowan, M.A.
7th Grade Counselor 
Days at TMS: All Week (Mon-Fri)

Timbercrest is very lucky to have Ms. McGowan leading the counseling team for another exciting year. She’s a great resource for all of us, and we are so happy she is here four days a week!

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Dierdre Flaherty
8th Grade Counselor 
Days at TMS: All Week (Mon - Fri)

Ms. Flaherty has worked in various roles in the Northshore school district, which has given her a great understanding of the community and how to best serve Timbercrest students and families.

In her free time she loves to be with her family, hold her chickens, exercise, read nonfiction, ride dirt bikes and go camping. 

She is very excited to be working full time with the TMS counseling team!

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Michael Rhyne
6th Grade Counselor 
Days at TMS: All Week (Mon - Fri)

Mr. Rhyne is excited to be joining our counseling team this school year and can’t wait for students to return and for this year to get started!  He values collaboration and understands the importance of building strong relationships with students and our community. 

Outside of school he enjoys spending his weekend mornings watching the English Premier League, playing with his two sons and painting.


Sign saying %22Confidentiality What you say in here, stays in here!%22
Sign saying %22Exceptions:%22 with reasons things might not be kept confidential.
Cartoon of a tree with reasons to see a counselor in the branches.

Welcome to TMS Counseling!

Students can see their counselors for a variety of social, emotional and academic issues such as:

  • Questions about your schedule or transcript
  • Friendship issue
  • Harassment/Bully issues
  • Help with grades or teachers
  • Help communicating family problems to teachers
  • Drug or alcohol issues
  • Help dealing with stress