Middle School Anxiety Presentation

Middle School Anxiety Presentation:

Our counseling department recorded an anxiety presentation in hopes to share strategies to help families during these stressful times. The agenda will be as follows: The video is 37 minutes long. It is student friendly. 

  1. Learn about worries and anxiety itself

  2. A look at what parents can do for themselves

  3. Tips and strategies for helping with children with worries and anxiety

  4. Sharing of resources

  5. Today’s world


6th Grade: Dierdre Flaherty dflaherty@nsd.org 

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7th Grade: Ann McGowan amcgowan@nsd.org  

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8th Grade: Alon Patashnik apatashnik@nsd.org

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TMS Mental Health Therapist: Alex Polli alexp.nyfs@gmail.com