Timbercrest to Offer PCR Tests on Site

Greetings, Timbercrest Community.

We are working to set up the process to receive a PCR test at TMS for fully vaccinated students/staff who either have a close contact or have been included in a positive batch.  We hope to have this available for our next round of batch-testing, which will begin on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.  This on-site testing will support the reduction in risk for vaccinated, but asymptomatic, cases; willingness to participate in batch testing; and improve convenience for those who need to test.

We will only be testing staff/students who are fully vaccinated and are part of a positive batch and those who are vaccinated who have a close contact with a confirmed case of Covid.

Additionally, it is required that families pre-register their children for the on-site testing should it be needed.  We cannot do the test without it.  Please note that it may take several days to get the confirmatory results back, similar to other testing sites.

Registration link:   https://covid.cic-health.com/s/addSchoolMember?RRAccount=0014R00003ABUrT

Kristi Hannigan, Principal