Bus Passes

Bus Information

Please note that students are routed and assigned to buses at a single stop location based on the address they have registered at their school. Waiver students, walkers and students destined to alternate locations other than than their primary home address, e.g. daycare, split household, grandparents, are not eligible for transportation.

Students may inquire about available space on a bus by completing a Transportation Request Form. Completion of forms does not guarantee a bus ride or change in stop location.


Activity Bus Passes & Routes

  • NSD will be providing after school activity buses on a daily bus pass only basis from TMS on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 
  • The activity routes do not have the same bus stop locations as the regular routes. Three bus routes cover the same area in the evening that a dozen bus routes regularly cover in the AM/PM.
  • The coach or supervisor of each after school activity will distribute passes to students for activity buses every day.
    • These passes do not require a note from a parent or guardian.
    • Students do need to know which activity bus and stop they will use, so please visit the Activity Bus Schedule page for maps and stop listings.